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For most bank customers, a loan from home and abroad is an ideal addition to a normal loan from home.

Home and abroad loan

Home and abroad loan

For most bank customers, a loan from home and abroad is an ideal addition to a normal loan from home. A foreign loan is in many cases connected with the fact that the Credit Bureau information can be bypassed, but this is by no means the only reason for the switch to a banking institution on the other side of the German border.

Basically, it is correct that foreign banks do not work with the German Sparkasse. Anyone considering a further loan in connection with a promotional loan from Credit Institution or another state institution in the near future should be aware that this loan is actually only applied for in Germany.

As a rule, promotional loans are granted via a special bank, but the verification is carried out by the in-house institution. This check can quickly prove to be positive for an existing loan, even if the risk potential for the commercial bank itself is actually significantly reduced or nonexistent. Promotional loans are often linked to another loan.

This applies, for example, to loans for the energetic renovation of a property, but also to start-up loans or the like. As a rule, the lending is related to the lending by the in-house bank, the second lending transaction then comes from the corresponding development bank on favorable terms. However, for the loan granted by the bank itself, the bank must ensure that the money is returned so that the application check is just as correct as for a normal loan that is not tied to a promotional loan.

Apply for a foreign loans

Apply for a foreign loans

Foreign loans can be obtained from Swiss credit institutions as well as from institutions in neighboring Germany. For German consumers, the conditions are often relatively good and cannot be compared with those in Germany. But a loan from Switzerland has another decisive advantage: the uniform language regulation simplifies business relationships for both the house bank and the end customer considerably.

All loan questions can be answered quickly by email or by phone. Overall, a loan from home and abroad has a number of disadvantages for customers of German banks. This also applies if you are not yet thinking of another loan transaction that has to be concluded in Germany.

With a term of just a few years, you can hardly ever look into the depth, so you should have carefully considered whether you could also accept slightly higher interest rates.